Communications Infrastructure

WITS provides a wide scope of system engineering services that can be tailored to meet almost any project timeline or requirement. Successful system engineering begins with thoroughly understanding and defining Customer requirements. WITS commitment to Customer service begins with design services and requirement definitions provided by our staff of cleared and BICSI certified RCDDs. Highly skilled installation teams, on-site project managers and engineers provide certified and warranted installations of structured cable plant, closet build-outs, and networking hardware.

WITS began work on an enterprise-wide, global IT infrastructure program January 2002, serving in the capacity of Network Communications Engineers. WITS surveyed and provided design specifications for every building on over 20 military bases. WITS understands that infrastructure encompasses much more than cable plant implementations. To this end, WITS has designed and installed Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), MDF/IDF electrical design and build out, inside cable plant, outside cable plant, cabinet, HVAC, and UPS installations.

Large customers require an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) partner with demonstrated experience with fiber and copper plant and within the industry as a whole. WITS has over 100 years of Navy and Marine Corps leadership background at the executive level.

WITS’ design, engineering, and installation team currently provides day-to-day cabling infrastructure support in the Southeast and Hawaii regions. We have designed and installed numerous additions to our customer’s infrastructure. These new additions include:

  • Placement of cable tray systems
  • Conduit
  • Fiber tie installation
  • Equipment rack reconfiguration and placement
  • Fiber to the Desktop (FTTD) Category 5e and Category 6 station runs installation
  • Protective Distribution System (PDS) design and installation

In addition, the Infrastructure team provides the Project Management support for project Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs).

WITS has more than 20 years experience in Department of Defense (DOD) facilities management. Previously, WITS has worked with Resident Officers in Charge of Construction (ROICC) and Public Works Managers to obtain design approval and implement the following:

  • HAZMAT avoidance/abatement
  • Electrical upgrades
  • HVAC installations
  • Inside/outside plant structured cabling
  • Cabinet installations
  • Facilities Survey Design, Engineering and Installation

WITS’ past performance demonstrates that our team is fully capable of coordinating the facilities management elements of this task with the ROICC, PWD, and other designated personnel at each installation we support.

WITS has conducted thousands of network infrastructure design surveys. WITS gathered comprehensive data, assisted in the design, engineering, and build-out of secure IT networks for over 150,000 users. This collected data led to development of a detailed design plan for cabinet, HVAC, layer two & three switching systems, and structured cabling installations. This information enabled the creation of both “active” and “passive” bill of materials (BOMs). WITS also had the overall survey responsibility for Main Distribution Facility/Intermediate Distribution Facility (MDF/IDF) facilities to include physical security accreditation, PDS design, which was required to obtain SIPRNET accreditation. WITS provided design-build and integration assessment services.

WITS proposed innovative solutions that ensured our customer had an accredited and fully operational system. Upon completion, both hard and soft copies of AutoCAD drawings were provided. WITS has played an integral part in the development and implementation of our client’s Reuse Policy, for both Navy and Marine Corps Legacy Network Reuse applications; to include ISP/OSP Facilities and Active Component Reuse assessments.

Regional Accomplishments

Hawaii: WITS has been providing communications infrastructure services and seat deployment support in Hawaii for over five years. During this period, the WITS team has tested, re-labeled and provided CAD drawings for over 5000 legacy station runs for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, MARFORPAC, Camp Smith and MCBH Kaneohe. WITS also provided design, build services for the installation of over 900 station runs in support of the PACOM relocation into Camp H.M. Smith HQ-21 building. This overall effort included design, implementation, testing, and CAD deliverables. WITS completed the effort on time, while continuously meeting day-to-day O&M taskings.

Southeast: WITS currently provides communications infrastructure services to the majority of the Southeast region. WITS has been instrumental in extensive testing, labeling, and reuse efforts from Jacksonville to New Orleans. Aggressively championing reuse has helped our client save the cost of installing over 8000 new drops. One example of this is our efforts during Hurricane Charlie. As Hurricane Charlie approached, the WITS team was in constant contact with EDS GFS, the Key West Site Manager, and the Jacksonville IPL/NCE. When Key West set Hurricane Condition One, our crew was standing by to see how Hurricane Charlie would affect Key West. The very hour the site personnel were allowed back on the base, the Key West site manager, Jacksonville NCE, and the WITS program manager were on the phone receiving damage assessments and preplanning deployment of a repair team at no additional cost to EDS. As soon as the EDS management authorized deployment to the site, the WITS team deployed and started repairs. The team spent one full week lashing aerial fiber knocked off the poles. All fiber was lashed and dressed in better-than-original condition without creating any down time.

Experience with Classified Cable Plant Implementations

Communications Infrastructure and Approval Processes

WITS participated as active members of SIPRNET design review boards with SPAWAR, our client, and local Information Systems Security Managers (ISSM) across the enterprise. WITS developed PDS Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M) packages and assisted Navy commands with IATO accreditation packages. WITS’ communications infrastructure team has supported our client with modifications and the design and installation of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), which were required for SIPRNET DAA accreditation. WITS recently conducted SIPRNET Detailed Design surveys for our client in the Far East, which included Information Assurance, Physical Security, Electrical/HVAC assessment and PDS design. Upon completion of the assessment, WITS provided both hard and soft copy AutoCAD drawings. WITS expertise and understanding of the SIPRNET approval process allowed a team of five personnel to complete what six to eight personnel from five different companies have traditionally accomplished.